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Wagons Ho! Gumbo L’Amour

I don’t know when writer Louis L’Amour had time to eat. He was way too busy writing 89 novels and researching the food people ate in a given time and place. A stickler for accuracy and detail, this writer of … Continue reading

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Y to Z, Ya Ya to Z’Herbes, Gumbo, of course

Colorful words like roux, boudin, filé, cuchon, ya ya and z’herbes add intrigue and  flavor to gumbo. But usually Gumbo Ya Ya doesn’t apply to a recipe for gumbo. In New Orleans culture, it means everyone talks at the same … Continue reading

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W is Wild Game Gumbo, X is for a pot of XTRA Culture

When our church group hosted a Wild Game Dinner, hunters came out in full force carrying crock pots, casseroles and platters of mysterious meats emitting wonderful, woodsy aromas. Despite  bad jokes about armadillo and rattlesnake dishes, the evening featured fantastic … Continue reading

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U is for Eula Mae’s Gumbo, V is Vegetarian

Eula Mae Dore gained fame as a Cajun cook on Avery Island, Louisiana, home of the McIlhenny Family and Tabasco sauce. A self-taught cook, she managed the Tabasco commissary with her husband, and cooked for the island’s residents, visitors, owners … Continue reading

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Q is for Quick Half Hour Gumbo, R for Real Estate Gumbo

Two years ago when my son cooked Chicken and Dumplings using a rotisserie chicken and canned biscuits, a whole new world opened for me. Cooking got simpler. It’s hard to remember grocery stores without rotisserie chickens sitting in their little … Continue reading

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K is 24 Karat, and L is for LuLu’s Crazy Sista Gumbo

Today’s seafood gumbo recipes take time, probably more than anyone has 10 days before Christmas. So, perhaps just ponder the ingredients and cook another day. Me? I’m listening to the gumbo sounds of Jimmy Buffett, brother of the Crazy Sista … Continue reading

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Celebrity Gumbo: I is Incredible Emeril, J is John Besh

When it comes to celebrity chefs who make gumbo, Emeril Lagasse and John Besh top my list. I’ve seen both in person. In Los Angeles in 2001, I went to the filming of an episode of Emeril, a short-lived NBC … Continue reading

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