About The Gumbo Diaries

It begins as One-Armed Gumbo

My quest for the best gumbo around begins today, two days after my birthday when #2 Son presented me with this clever site, and one day after surgery on my right hand. Usually, I type at warp speed with two good hands capturing thoughts, words, sentences, sometimes complete paragraphs. Currently I’m composing with what the hospital dubbed as my unoperative extremity, which I deduced is my left hand since it’s the only one currently operational. The operated-on right (or is that operative) hand and forearm are numb and couldn’t’ lift a spoon to stir, much less taste, gumbo. But this blog is not your routine who-makes-the-best-fill-in-the-blank-here. It’s a gumbo diary – the people, the places, the aromas, the stories from childhood to adulthood and back – the richness of life. You’ll meet some great characters and read some heart-warming stories, and we’ll take a few side trips. And, there will be some recommendations for great gumbo shacks, but currently that’s on a carry-in basis or, as they say in England, a take-away basis. Both the operative and unoperative extremities and I are holed up with a laptop on the couch for several weeks. Lunch today, by the way, was Joe Patti’s gumbo chocked full of crab, shrimp and scallops,  and it reminded me of my most memorable trip to a seafood restaurant, which had nothing to do with the gumbo.  Read more about Charlotte Plummer’s and found art in Fulton Beach, Texas https://thegumbodiaries.wordpress.com/2010/09/18/fulton-beach-tx/.