Over There Makes Over Here Safer


Before I knew a real gumbo tree (gumbo-limbo to be exact) existed, I wrote a Christmas post about making a miniature Gumbo Tree. I finally made the tiny

My cousin sculpts Tabasco bottles for the tiny Christmas tree.

My cousin sculpts Tabasco bottles for the tiny Christmas tree.

Christmas tree this year, with the help of my cousin Becky. It’s so cute I think I’ll leave it up ‘til Mardi Gras – continuing the celebration of all things gumbo. Plus, Mardi Gras comes early this year – February 9.


The miniature gumbo tree with its crawfish topper stands in the shadow the 6-foot tree. It’s decorated with tiny Tabasco bottles, gumbo pots and pans, spices and wee copies of my book The Gumbo Diaries.. We even used Mardi Gras beads to make mullet catch ornaments.

When reviewing my five-year-old post the fact strikes me that American soldiers are still fighting in the same region, which local military folks call “the sandbox.”  I ‘m sorry for never writing the Christmas cards I had hoped to send the soldiers over there. The Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Pensacola was collecting signed Christmas cards to send to “any soldier.” So I hope this post reaches “any” and every American soldier overseas and at home to wish them a Happy 2016.

Because they’re over there, we’re safer over here.

Happy New Year!


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3 Responses to Over There Makes Over Here Safer

  1. Sandy says:

    A gumbo tree–how clever. Bless you for thinking of our troops. Have a wonderful 2016!


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