W is Wild Game Gumbo, X is for a pot of XTRA Culture

WWhen our church group hosted a Wild Game Dinner, hunters came out in full force carrying crock pots, casseroles and platters of mysterious meats emitting wonderful, woodsy aromas. Despite  bad jokes about armadillo and rattlesnake dishes, the evening featured fantastic food. So, if you are a serious hunter or have a freezer filled with nature’s bounty, try brewing a big pot of wild game gumbo. Here are three variations, both simple and complex — rabbit and squirrel;  venison; and the big combo of rabbit, venison, squirrel, dove and quail.

XTRA Southern Culture Recipes


XThis year my cousin, the youngest of 21 on my father’s side and a Generation Xer, organized the family Christmas get together at her mother’s house in South Mississippi. To Mississippians, keeping these traditions alive is important. So important, in fact, that the University of Mississippi has developed the Center for the Study of Southern Culture (they don’t mind saving history for other states, too). Part of that institute is the Southern Foodways Alliance, a program for studying, exploring and documenting the “diverse food cultures of the changing American South.” They produce video documentaries and podcasts, and compile oral histories, among other things. One series of podcasts is entitled the Southern Gumbo Trail and includes these XTRA  gumbo recipes from Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi. For more Southern Culture including an ode to gumbo, podcasts, a short film and interviews click here. 

Now don’t go saying they’re teaching how to make gumbo at Ole Miss. They’re preserving culinary culture. The kids of Generation X will appreciate it. Me, too.



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