S is for Sausage & Dove Gumbo, T is for Town Point Crab


STAs I  watch the           Mourning Doves strutting around under the bird feeder in the backyard, it’s hard to imagine using them in gumbo. For me, doves are easier to love than cook. But, for all you dove hunters out there, here’s Sausage and Dove Gumbo from Southern Living’s 1981 Annual Recipes. I’d rather drink the wine it calls for than put those tiny little carcasses in gumbo. But this Sausage and Dove Gumbo recipe has great reviews.

The old timers here in Gulf Breeze, Florida, call the tip of the peninsula Town Point, so Town Point Crab Gumbo is about as local a recipe as you can get. It’s heavy on the filé and missing the bell pepper, but produces a sweet, tasty crab gumbo. If only the crabs were as plentiful as they were in the old days —  then the gumbo would be affordable.

Town Point Gumbo

From Recipes and Remembrances: 50 Years of Food and History, published by GFWC-Santa Rosa Woman’s Club, Gulf Breeze, FL


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