O is for Okra & Seven-Steak, P is for Pulled Pork Gumbo


I once worked in a warehouse office in Harahan, Louisiana, with a gal from just down the road in Destrehan. When we had pot luck at work, she’d bring in gourmet dishes made from the toughest pieces of meat – and every bite would melt in your mouth. I’d never heard of “seven” steak until she brought seven steak smothered in turnips – yeah, turnips, not turnip greens. I haven’t seen “seven” steak by that name recently, but it’s a tough steak less than an inch thick cut from the center roast of a beef shoulder. In both the roast and steak, the bone is shaped like a “7.”

Today’s gumbo recipes produce hearty meals for winter – Pone is made from beef seven steak, the other from pork butt. Both recipes make posh, rich gumbo on a pauper’s budget.

Okra and Seven Steak Gumbo from Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen takes time, but the late Chef Paul said it’s worth it.  For New Year’s Day I’m making Cajun Spicy Pork Gumbo – it’s got black-eyed peas for good luck and greens for new friends. Click here for the how-to video.  Pork Video

Rahm of Meat & Potatoes visits Cochon in New Orleans to learn to make spicy pork gumbo. Photo from Food Network.

Stay tuned for the Letters Q & R — Quick Martha Stewart and Real Estate Gumbo, not one in the same.


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2 Responses to O is for Okra & Seven-Steak, P is for Pulled Pork Gumbo

  1. The pork gumbo looks great. I am going to watch the video and make it as well. This will be my first gumbo!


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