M is for Marion, N is Betty Crocker’s New Orleans Gumbo


I missed the gumbo-by-the-quart sale at the Grand Bay Methodist Church and I missed the gumbo lunch at Pensacola’s First Methodist Church, but I didn’t miss the gumbo deal at Saint Christopher’s Gumbo PotEpiscopal. It just didn’t involve eating gumbo. I crossed my fingers when I placed my silent auction bid for this Prairie Green Frankoma Gumbo Pot, circa 1951. For $25 I now own a piece of pottery history and a nice serving dish.

Flashback 1951: Imagine setting your Formica-topped table and serving Betty Crocker’s N New Orleans Best Gumbo in this pottery pot. The recipe might sound nostalgic but I’m leaving out the canned oysters and gizzards.

Marion’s Filé Seafood Gumbo recipe, below, calls for fresh seafood and modern kitchen technology — the microwave.  I’ll just dish some out of the 12-quart pot on the stove and ladle it into my green gumbo pot.  Or maybe I’ll wait and serve some “green” Gumbo Z’Herbes in it on Ash Wednesday.


Marion's seafood gumbo

This recipe is from Santa Rosa Woman’s Club cookbook, Recipes and Remembrances: Celebrating 50 Years of Gulf Breeze, Florida


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