Celebrity Gumbo: I is Incredible Emeril, J is John Besh


When it comes to celebrity chefs who make gumbo, Emeril Lagasse and John Besh top my list. I’ve seen both in person.

In Los Angeles in 2001, I went to the filming of an episode of Emeril, a Ishort-lived NBC sit com. I can still watch it on YouTube, and it’s better than some stuff on TV today. Even though it’s not a cooking show, it’s my favorite Emeril TV appearance probably because I was there.

I lost my favorite John Besh cooking episode when the DVR crashed. In episode 126 of his PBS cooking show Family Table, he makes gumbo from his home kitchen near New Orleans. It was more fun seeing him cook in person at Taste of Pensacola Beach, but watching the TV episode was easier than pulling out his cookbook – which weighs several pounds. I did find a goofy YouTube version of John Besh cooking gumbo with James Carville plus John Besh’s Seafood Gumbo recipe.

JAnd if you’re got 22 minutes to spare, here’s the Emeril episode I saw being filmed in LA.  It’s got some good laughs when Emeril and the late Robert Urich climb on treadmills to shed a few pounds. You can watch it when making “incredible” Emeril Spicy Sausage Gumbo Recipe or, if you prefer, get serious and watch Emeril kick it up a notch with Martha Stewart on YouTube making Emeril’s Spicy Sausage Gumbo.

More recipes tomorrow as the A to Z Gumbo Christmas list continues.


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