C is for Crock Pot, D is for Duck Gumbo

CThe letter “C” could stand for crab or catfish or crawfish or Creole, but because it’s Christmas and time is a coveted commodity, I’m conveying Crock Pot Gumbo recipes. (How many C’s did I crowd in a sentence?) I had planned to feature Chicken and Ham from The Fix It and Forget It Cookbook, but when I saw cannellini beans in the recipe, I decided to offer more slow-cooker choices. The Fix It and Forget link below makes what I call a “Northern” gumbo. Recipe #2 is similar but has a more Louisiana flavor with Red Beans. Both #1 and #2 are roux-less. Recipe #3  has a roux, and Recipe #4 makes a thick gumbo using a purchased dry roux mix. I’m making it for my last day of Christmas shopping.

Crock Pot Chicken & Ham with Cannellini, Cilantro and Chilies

Southern Crock Pot With Red beans

Crock Pot Chicken & Sausage from Southern Food

Chicken & Sausage with a Dry Roux Mix


D is for Duck and Andouille Gumbo. This recipe is from from Leon Soniat’s La Bouche Creole, a favorite cookbook in our house. Soniat’s book is especially nice because of the personal stories spliced between recipes.  When his Duck and Andouille recipe was featured in Bon Appetit (the link below) it called for canola oil. In my copy of his cookbook, the original recipe lists “cooking oil.” I prefer solid Crisco for making a roux. Be warned: this recipe is just the opposite of the crock pot recipes of Letter C. Letter D takes plenty of time and two mallard ducks! Leon Soniat’s Duck & Andoille Gumbo

Merry Christmas


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4 Responses to C is for Crock Pot, D is for Duck Gumbo

  1. Another entertaining and very useful blog! Love the humor and all the resources for creating magic gumbo!


  2. Thanks for reading. Call me when the gumbo is ready!


  3. stonefish says:

    I have often heard of gumbo, but never really tried it. You do have a lot of links to some outstanding sites. Some of the recipes look so good. I will definately have to give gumbo a try. Thanks for sharing such great, creative ideas!


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