A to Z Christmas Lists : Appetizer to Z-Herbes

Cookies letters

After making banana pudding, lemon squares, and miniature lemon iced box pies for last Saturday’s gumbo feed, baking Christmas cookies is way down my alphabetical list.

In Jodi Picoult’s book The Tenth Circle, the main character, a comic book illustrator, plays an imaginary game with his daughter. From A to Z, they list superhero qualities — Amphibious, Bullet proof, Clairvoyant, Danger sensitive, Electromagnetic, Flight, Glow-in-the-dark, Heat vision, Invincibility, Jumping over tall buildings, Kevlar skin, Laser sight, Mind control, Never-ending life, Omniscience, Pyrokinesis, Quick reflexes, Regeneration, Superhuman strength, Telepathy, Underwater breathing, Vanishing, Weather control, X-ray vision, Yelling loud, Zero gravity.

I like making imaginary lists too. It’s a lot easier than tackling my real Christmas list. So here goes my A to Z Gumbo List.

I’m starting with A is for Appetizer (Gumbo Dip) and ending with


A is for Appetizer. Warm Gumbo Dip from Southern Living. Photo: Iain Bagwell; Styling: Caroline M. Cunningham

Z-Herbes (Green Gumbo). I’m making this warm gumbo dip recipe from Southern Living for a Christmas party on Saturday night. Warm Gumbo Dip Recipe.

And now I have three real lists to make – Christmas, grocery and seafood market. Looks like I might need some of those superhero qualities.


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