Fall in Florida: Time for peanuts and peanut butter gumbo

The opening scene of the Jay Peanut Festival, right next  to the gazebo with gospel singers, in the middle of a peanut field.

Parents were capturing memories at the opening display at the Jay Peanut Festival, an old-fashioned family event at a farm house in the middle of a peanut field.

Jay Peanut Festival 6I went to the Peanut Festival in search of homemade peanut butter. Instead, I ate gumbo and spent the Sunday afternoon at a memorable old-timey fall festival.

In Jay, Florida, right in the middle of a peanut field by a 1930s Farm Museum, I strolled by booths with churches Jay Peanut Festival4dishing out delicious dinners and desserts and crafters selling everything from needlework to Conceal and Carry gun-toting purses.

Politicians were pressing palms, gospel groups were singing, authors were selling their books, and home cooks were sampling their honeys, jams and pickled okra.


Kids piled on hay wagons, rode Jay Peanut Festival2ponies, and rolled around in giant inflatable bubbles.

I hadn’t enjoyed a fall festival so much since we went to the Apple Cider Festival in Topeka, Kansas. Good, old-fashioned outdoor fun. Of course it helped that a brisk “cool front” lingered for most of the day. Sweater weather in Florida.

Tonie’s Gumbo House was serving Seafood Gumbo (a combo of ham, chicken, sausage, shrimp, crab), so I had a nice-tasting bowl full. However, I wish she’d added a little peanutty flavor to match the atmosphere.

Jay Peanut FestivalWe bought a giant $12 bag of peanuts and gorgeous mums Jay Peanut Festival 3(imported from Alabama). I didn’t find any peanut butter, but I did see peanut brittle and peanut divinity and some unusual sights – from dogs in costume for a pet parade to middle school boys giggling about their rebel flag purchases. Better wear it, boys, cause mama isn’t gonna’ let you hang it.

Jay Peanut Festival5The cool front is still lingering and I’ve got a hunger for gumbo with a roux with a strong peanutty flavor. I’m off to the market for ingredients to make one of these African-style gumbos made with peanut butter. I only wish I had home-churned peanut butter from the Jay Peanut Festival to plop in it. Enjoy the weather!

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6 Responses to Fall in Florida: Time for peanuts and peanut butter gumbo

  1. judy fawley says:

    You’re right, the Jay Peanut Festival is one of a kind. The last time I went there was a John Deer display with green and yellow tractors from toy size to field combines. We watched a Rube Goldberg device grind corn into grits for a long time, fascinating. Love the fall outdoors! A cup of hot cider would have been nice.


  2. solosocial says:

    Love those Confederate-flag capes!

    One thing politicians need to learn is that, though they may be able to censor history, they cannot censor the past.

    As Abraham Lincoln himself said:
    “You can fool some of the people all of the time; you can fool all of the people some of the time; but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.”


  3. Sandy says:

    Thank God for peanut butter–I love it! And even peanut butter gumbo. Whodathunk?

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