Navarre’s Mystical, Magical Gumbo Tent

photo-5 (2) Saturday I stopped to take pictures of a mystical, mythical Gumbo House set up along a stretch of U.S. 98 I often travel. The last time I passed by, the lot was occupied by a sno-cone stand. Now it’s a down home revival-looking tent set up with tables, folding chairs and tip jars near a food trailer. Abracadabra — instant, magical restaurant. photo (2)The impromptu, pop-up eatery at the foot of the bridge in Navarre reminds me of The  Gumbo Key, the mystical, reappearing music venue that springs up when the barge moors in Perdido Bay. I waited around Tonie’s Gumbo House for a while for a mystical cook to appear – it was 11 a.m. — but no such luck. It must have been a big Friday night under the white tent. photoa (2)I found a single Trip Advisor review and it was a high-five for Tonie. Several reviews on Tonietta Greene Scott’s Facebook page for the Gumbo House make me wish the food truck/trailer had been open. According to her website, Tonie’s Gumbo House is a Cajun and Creole restaurant that travels from venue to venue sharing Louisiana cuisine. See, I knew it was an impromptu mystical restaurant that may or may not appear next time I drive by. Hopefully it will so I can sample red beans and rice, etouffee, dirty rice, beignets and, most of all, gumbo. As for scenic outdoor dining in 90-plus degree heat, I can enjoy gumbo in any kind of photo-2 (2)weather. Here, I can see the Santa Rosa Sound and bridge, if I ignore the traffic whizzing by. And it might be hot, but I won’t be bothered with flies — check out the handy pest control ornament. I’m looking forward to my next ride east and hopefully a good lunch at Tonie’s, if she’s there. We’ve only got mystical, mythical BBQ trailers in Gulf Breeze. But at least you can find them when the smoke starts to rise.


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On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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1 Response to Navarre’s Mystical, Magical Gumbo Tent

  1. I just love these adventures, and mysteries. Except, of course, when you are hungry for gumbo, its downright disconcerting!

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