If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen.

Josh Halley as Florida State University's Chief Osecola. Photo by Andrew Wardlow, Panama City News Herald.

Josh Halley as Florida State University’s Chief Osceola. Photo by Andrew Wardlow, Panama City News Herald.

If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen. That’s what 26-year-old Orlando Thompson did after a dispute over gumbo seasonings with 33-year-old Caleb “Josh” Halley at a Panama City Beach, Florida restaurant.

Unfortunately, Thompson returned, armed with a 15-inch knife and stabbed his co-worker. Halley suffered three lacerations to his torso, one so severe that his intestines were exposed. He flagged down an ambulance and died two days later in the hospital.

Police reported that the two argued over the amount of spice to put in the gumbo served at Buddy’s Seafood Market. Buddy’s is a retail seafood market and steam bar. The menu includes Mrs. Linda’s prize-winning original seafood gumbo.

The murder practically happened in my backyard – 77 miles from my house, to be precise. But I learned about it from my daughter-in-law in Manhattan, Kansas. An article on the incident never appeared in my local newspaper, but it should have. The deceased is the former mascot for Florida State University Seminoles.

Josh Halley, riding as Chief Osceola atop the horse Renegade, led the FSU football team onto the field for four years, from 2004 to 2007. His obituary tells of a life lost too soon. http://chipleybugle.com/2015/06/27/halley-obit/

It’s okay to be passionate about food but there’s no gumbo worth fighting over.

PHOTO: ANDREW WARDLOW | Panama City News Herald Chief Photographer

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4 Responses to If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen.

  1. Danny Skelton says:

    Very tragic to say the least. What a terrible waste of two lives. dds


  2. This a poignant story. Don’t you know there is a story beneath the story? Or perhaps the gumbo world, like its larger world, had its dark side – a dark roux, no?


  3. When I read the obituary I wondered the same thing — how could something so tragic happen to such an outstanding young man — and then I wondered what was really beneath the argument, what made Thompson so very angry — a dark side for sure.


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