Three Cheers for Gumbo Fizz

cocktail-neonWhen my neighbor noticed a cracked tile over the tub in their second floor bathroom, her husband volunteered to fix it. No problem, he said, despite the fact his day job involved guacamole, not grout. He chiseled away gently removing the broken tile. Suddenly, one by one, every tile in the bathroom collapsed like an army of dominoes. Thus began the second floor DIY plumbing disaster that ended in $10,000 of professional repair.

Today my neighbor could have learned how to fix the problem on You Tube. That’s where Son #2 learned to install a shower pan and perfect his mullet net cast. I learned how to hook up my satellite system, speakers and video equipment thanks to a TV repairman with acting aspirations.

I tried to learn an Adobe InDesign graphic technique, but couldn’t understand the You Tube presenter. No subtitles, just a floating cursor and a thick Scottish brogue. When my car repairman mentioned how handy You Tube was for learning to install car parts, I flinched. I hope You Tube has Korean subtitles – I drive a Kia.

My writing plan for today was to review the best instructional videos on making gumbo. The search alone was exhausting. In fact, it was so overwhelming that I selected a video that had only two views.

In less than a minute, I learned how to make a Gumbo Fizz cocktail. Too much You Tube and you need a drink.


About thegumbodiaries

On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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2 Responses to Three Cheers for Gumbo Fizz

  1. And of course, you are now required to tell us what’s in a Gumbo Fizz cocktail?


  2. Sour mix, gin, triple sec, club soda, milk or light cream and ice Maybe I need to make a batch! I think it’s a play on a New Orleans Ramos fizz that uses a raw egg. Not for me!


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