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Hey you, Gopher Turtle — Put down your weapon!

Busted. Yesterday I learned one of my most popular blog posts might be wrong. When I relayed a historical account of gopher gumbo I jumped to the conclusion that a “gopher” is a small furry rodent. Well, you furry squirrel … Continue reading

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Tasting USA History and Geography

When my sons were in fifth grade, the schools hosted international fairs. Students created maps and displays and were required to dress like a resident and cook a popular dish from their assigned country. We spent hours grating fresh beets … Continue reading

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If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen.

If it’s too hot, get out of the kitchen. That’s what 26-year-old Orlando Thompson did after a dispute over gumbo seasonings with 33-year-old Caleb “Josh” Halley at a Panama City Beach, Florida restaurant. Unfortunately, Thompson returned, armed with a 15-inch … Continue reading

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Three Cheers for Gumbo Fizz

When my neighbor noticed a cracked tile over the tub in their second floor bathroom, her husband volunteered to fix it. No problem, he said, despite the fact his day job involved guacamole, not grout. He chiseled away gently removing … Continue reading

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What’s French for . . . ?

Thanks to Miss Piggy, restaurants and cookbook recipes, I know a wee (or is it oui?) bit of French. But a few French words like roux and filé don’t always end in a gumbo love story with moi. I had … Continue reading

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