Did you hear about the 29¢ gumbo?

This morning I listened to a podcast about blogging. The podcaster talked about embedding a “pixel-cookie” to advertise your blog when your readers visit other websites —  like an internet stalker. Creepy. I’ll never do that.

I learned from professors straight out of Mad Men that the best way of publicizing a product is by word of mouth – a direct message from one person to another. Case in point: When my friend Judy emailed me about a sign for 29-cent gumbo at a restaurant on her side of town, I got excited. But since she lives nearly an hour from my house and it was too early to call the restaurant, I turned to social media for help.

I read Trip Advisor and Urban Spoon reviews, did google map searches and plowed through reader comments. Thanks to one, I learned the sign should have been taken down weeks ago. The special is over.

No doubt my internet clicks were measured and turned into a statistic, maybe even tracked with a pixel-cookie. Some market specialist out there is probably developing a theory about me based on cheap meal searches. Perhaps they think I’m starving, certainly on an extremely limited budget. In this fancy age of measuring advertising exposure, unless they read my blog, the stat men will never know that my friend told me about the 29-cent gumbo.

And she also reminded me about the 18-cent bean soup at McGuire’s Irish Pub. It’s closer.


About thegumbodiaries

On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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