Gumbo Z’herbes — the gumbo that keeps on giving

All these greens will never last to Lent or St. Patrick's Day. first niight, it's stuffed cabbage!

Inside the garage refrigerator: All these greens will never last to Lent or St. Patrick’s Day. First night, it’s stuffed cabbage!

My dilemma after making the 15-green gumbo was what to do with all those leftover greens taking up three refrigerator shelves and weighing in at 14 pounds.

I tackled them first by size. The whopping cabbage turned into stuffed cabbage, some to eat, some to freeze. But, its absence didn’t clear out much shelf space because I had cooked half a ham to serve with the leftover Gumbo Z’Herbes. Now I had leftover ham, too. The garage refrigerator still didn’t have enough space so the kitchen refrigerator took the ham.

Next, the big bunch of kale, the rest of the Italian parsley, celery and some ham flavored Navy Bean soup. Three more greens down and a little ham. Good move. The kale was beginning to wilt, but the rest of the greens are still perky. I served ham salad sandwiches with the Navy Bean soup.

Last night I tried some bizarre substitutions to a Weight Watchers recipe. I pulled out the wok and made Chinese Stir Fried Rice with arugula substituted for broccoli (a big improvement) and green peppers instead of red. It also called for ham and green onions. But now I have leftover stir fried rice.

Tonight, twelve days after the original Gumbo Z’Herbes I am cooking a big mess of greens to use the mustard, collard and turnip greens and the final slab of ham. Finally, no more greens. I’m just left with three fresh beets. I used their greens in the Gumbo Z’Herbes.

Maybe the 15 new friends I was supposed to gain when making Gumbo Z’Herbes are actually 15 new recipes. But now I have empty refrigerator shelves and room to store lots of food. So old friends, please come visit. Mardi Gras is just around the corner!




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2 Responses to Gumbo Z’herbes — the gumbo that keeps on giving

  1. This is the most creative epicurean effort I know of! My mouth waters with every paragraph. Somebody’s got to be gaining a lot of vitamins and good wholesome cooking!


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