Gifts for the Gumbo Lover

Gifts013If you’re challenged with finding the perfect last-minute Christmas gift for the gumbo lover in your life, here are my top ten recommendations. (I’d love to have any of these!)

10. Gumbo Cookbook – I lost my DVR video of John Besh cooking gumbo in a power JBeshoutage. I watched it whenever I made his seafood gumbo recipe, and he was a joy to watch. His My New Orleans cookbook devotes an entire chapter to making gumbo. I’m also a fan of the less expensive The Little Gumbo Book cookbooknolagumbo which has 23 pages of gumbo recipes. Both are on Amazon.


9.Gift 2 Roux spoon. I continually switch from a spatula to a wooden spoon when stirring the roux, but this stainless steel edged spoon is much better and it’s under $12 on Amazon.

gumboapron8. Apron. Whether you’re cooking or entertaining, every cook loves an apron like this one from Zazzle. They have plenty more “gumbo” styles to choose from, I just like the simplicity of this one.

gumbefile_powder_jar7. The best combo gift for under $20 is filé powder from Penzey’sDishTowel3 and a nice filé dish towel from Amazon. Some dish towels on the Amazon site feature different recipes for seafood gumbo. File is at spice at

rice cooker6. Rice Cooker. I bought this rice cooker several months ago for my son and daughter-in-law. They swear by Zojirushi brand – they have rice cooking in the cooker all day long, every day.


5. These traditional New Orleans Seafood Gumbo bowls from AmazonBowls with Recipe hold 18 ounces each and have that nice old-time tourist look. If your recipient prefers a more contemporary look or a larger serving, try the contplatteremporry 22 oz. bowls that match the  platter. Remember, four bowls is never enough for company – order eight.

4. Giving to (or bribing) a gumbo competition judge? Judges and competitors will love putting a fancy gumbo license plate on License platethe front of their car. Imagine the stir at the festival parking lot. Many choices online.

necklace3. I love this Thomas Mann gumbo necklace, but I’ve had a hard time finding its price. I found it on Pinterest, but Thomas Mann has a Facebook page featuring his New Orleans-inspired jewelry. For a sauce_boss_tshirt_earring_oval_charmbackup, these earrings from the Sauce Boss, who I wrote about in a March 2011 post, are pretty cute and available on Café Press.

Mawmaw22. If you want to give gumbo art, you can’t go wrong with a Tony Krysinsky hand carved wooden painting like the Gumbo Dance featured in a September post.

1. The best gift ever – make a big batch of roux, divide it, and freeze it flat in 12 freezer bags. Label. include your favorite gumbo recipe and deliver in a cooler with the card Gumbo for a Year!

Happy Giving!


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