Sing along on the mythical, magical, floating Gumbo Key

It’s a floating magical, mystery tour. The Mullet Wrapper (yes, that’s the name of a real Lower Alabama newspaper) is reporting that the tropical, floating musical venue Gumbo Key will magically appear on Saturday, June 21 near Bird Island, just northwest of Perdido Pass. According to, Gumbo Key is a tropical, mythical place that appears from time to time, this year on the day of the summer solstice.

Concert goers arrive by boat before noon and can “stir things up and cook and simmer away the afternoon” (get the subtle gumbo connection?) in waters marked off with a circle of foam rubber noodles. I guess boom like that used in the BP oil spill would spoil the levity of the event, though it might be a bit more practical than pool noodles.

This will be the first time for headliner Wes Loper of Mobile to play on a floating stage. Also performing are the Kyle and Karl Band and the trio of Jon Cook, Lee Yankie and Ryan Balthrop. Mac McAleer, the self-proclaimed mayor of the temporary island of Gumbo Key (remember it’s magical and floats) has declared four inspirational rules for the free concert — Let’s all get along and behave, Be safe and watch out for each other, Take care of this gorgeous place and leave only your footprints, and Have fun, be kind, and enjoy.

Gumbo Key 3

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In reality, it’s going to take plenty of fuel and at least an hour to make it by boat from Gulf Breeze, Florida. And you definitely need a boat. Like Bill Cosby used to ask in his Noah’s Ark routine, “How long can you tread water?”




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2 Responses to Sing along on the mythical, magical, floating Gumbo Key

  1. Sandra Scott says:


    What a neat idea–and the name of the newspaper is a hoot.



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