Yard Sale Buy Inspires Gumbo Day Trip

paul-prudhommes-louisiana-kitchen-essential-New-Orleans-Cookbook1My favorite gumbo at a recent cookoff was a variation of a Chef Paul Prudhumme recipe. Today I found hardback copy of Paul Prudhomme’s Louisiana Kitchen when shopping neighborhood garage sales. I offered a dollar, but the seller refused. She wanted $2.

I hesitated and flipped through the book. I found an entire chapter labeled Gumbos, Soups & Stews. It includes a few wild gumbo recipes like seven-steak and okra along with traditional seafood gumbos. When I saw his recipe for Turtle Soup, I bought the book for full price. My grandmother used to make Turtle Soup with turtle eggs floating around in the broth. I never ate her soup, and I’m not going to make it, but that recipe tugged at my heart strings  and released my purse strings.

The original sticker reads $19.95 and it’s valued online between $12 and $20. But most of all, my online research shows that Paul Prudhomme is still kicking and still cooking.

Photo from www.ChefPaul.com

Photo from www.ChefPaul.com

His 200-seat restaurant, K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen on Chartres Street in the French Quarter in New Orleans, posts its menu online daily. Today for lunch it’s chicken and andouille gumbo. I could try turtle soup for dinner, then dine on eggplant shrimp pirogue, and end with sweet potato pecan pie.

From now on when I turn on my computer in the morning, I’m checking the menu. If I leave my house around 7:3Little Gumbo book0 a.m., I can make it to K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen for lunch and stay for dinner.

In between bowls of gumbo I can run over to the Maple Street  Bookshop and see if they have a copy of The Little Gumbo Cookbook. It has 27 gumbo recipes!


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8 Responses to Yard Sale Buy Inspires Gumbo Day Trip

  1. Dianne Veith says:

    There are gumbo shops in the french quarter . You are returning to your roots when you lived in new orleans . Sorry we are still not tnere. We really like it here in pa. Dan doesn’t like the snow but we get to see the kids more often . Come on up and bring the grandkids to veiw the history here.


    • What’s the favorite food up there? I really want to visit y’all. Happy Anniversary


      • Dianne Veith says:

        Most of the resturants serve italian many pizza places which also have other italian dishes. Would like to find a french resturant or a good sea food place . We have a big plac. Richard has his room here since he comes in about 2x a monyth. Both kids will be here the end of the month. Be waiting to hear from you


      • After I wrote you, I remembered Philly cheese steak, but I’d much rather have Italian! Enjoy the treat of both the kids being there — it’s rare we have all 3 here. Shannon just finished his PhD at Univ. of Wisconsin and is off to teach theatre at Kansas State in Manhattan, KS. He & Gretchen have 2 kids and his in-laws live in Manhattan, KS so they’ll finally be near grandparents. Hello to Dan.


  2. Scott says:

    I find it charming that you bought that cookbook for sentimental reasons, having never eaten your grandmother’s turtle soup! And I applaud you for considering turtle soup for dinner–like me, you seem eager to try any cuisine just once!


  3. Tookie Keener says:

    At my age, those little memories that tug on your heart strings are Precious. My brother requested that I teach him to make Mother’s eggplant goulash. When I spooned the first bite in my mouth, the memories washed over me. Nice!


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