Drive-thru for Gumbo: Alabama here I come


The Bama crowd must be cozying up to the Texas Longhorns because I just learned about several Alabama gumbo cook-offs from my friend Marion Keener in Texas. She gave me the heads up on the Bienville Square event on Saturday, April 12 in Mobile, plus a few others. Since I only live an hour from Mobile I suspect Alabama is trying to start a gumbo circuit to match their famous BBQ tour. To get things rolling, maybe they’re reaching out to the Texas chili circuit cooks. Here’s the Mobile scoop

Alabama friend and blog follower Pat Davis writes about her church’s Birmingham Gumbo Gala the 28th of April. Last year the event featured about 30 booths with both a commercial division for restaurants and a smaller division for college groups, churches, etc. Her husband Bill and his cooking group took first place honors and helped the Gumbo Gala raise $40,000 for Episcopal Place, a charity assisting HUD-based housing for senior citizens. Read this year’s details at

The annual Dauphin Island Gumbo Cookoff offers different venues with three to five teams dishing up gumbo at each locale. Ii provides a great spring opportunity to see the beautiful island and savor some gumbo. Wear your sandals and gas up the car.

The L.A. Gumbo Festival (that’s lower Alabama) in Orange Beach is scheduled for May 9-11. I’ve been to this event and know to confirm the gumbo time before you arrive. They’re making the World’s Largest Pot of Gumbo and it takes some prep time – it wasn’t ready on Friday one year. But it’s worth the trip just to see the pot they cook that gumbo in.

North near Huntsville is Guntersville. There, St. William’s Church isn’t having a drive-thru for gumbo at their 44th Annual Seafood Festival place at Civitan Park on Lake Guntersville. The drive-thru opens at 7:30 a.m. for quarts of gumbo. Bring spoon along, sit in the car and have gumbo for breakfast. The lunch dine-in open for creole style file’ gumbo opens at 10:30. If I had an RV I’d make the trip and stock the freezer! It’s not to August 30 so I’ve got time to plan.

As my friend Geraldine Vauregard from New Orleans says  “the season is here” so

Most folks think of Louisiana when it comes to gumbo, but Alabama is on the

Most folks think of Louisiana when it comes to gumbo, but Alabama is on the

laissez les bons temps rouler.  (Let the good times roll!) Speaking of rolling, how does a Bama fan say Roll Tide in French?




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4 Responses to Drive-thru for Gumbo: Alabama here I come

  1. jozokan says:

    Great post, Diane! Maybe the P.S. can take a gumbo road trip!  I guess your having had a chance to get it written means things are calmer now with your mom. Rona let me know she’s on the mend and I’m so relieved. Do you think I could visit you two tomorrow? Say 11ish? Judy and I are willing to meet you anywhere, including the hospital cafeteria or coffee shop, for the PS meeting wed morning. If it doesn’t work out, though, that’s fine. And we don’t have to discuss writing, either! 🙂 take good care, Jeannie



  2. Scott says:

    Don’t expect too much–it’s difficult enough for a Bama fan to say “Roll Tide” in English!
    (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)



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