The Quick and the Dead

A friend sent me a recipe for 15-Minute Chicken Gumbo with magical words – “super-quick-and-easy1quick, super-tasty, easy.” The allure continued with “Prep time — seven minutes. Cooking time — ten minutes.” But wait – there’s more –“low fat, low calorie.”

Uh oh– there’s an error — 7 minutes plus 10 minutes does not equal 15-Minute Chicken Gumbo. But I won’t quibble over two minutes. That’s probably the extra time it takes  to shred a really large rotisserie chicken. And, opening the cans of Rotel and tomatoes varies depending on availability of an electric can opener. My hand crank opener is a little slow.

It’s the word “gumbo” that bothers me. Just because the recipe calls for frozen gumbo-style vegetables (okra, pepper and onion) doesn’t make it gumbo. Nor does adding Creole seasoning and flour.

But I was determined to try the recipe. The only frozen gumbo vegetables I could find at the store included corn, so I bought them. And I made the best Caribbean Chicken Soup I’d eaten since Caribbean Soup in Pensacola, Florida went out of business. But it was soup, not gumbo.

Real gumbo is a lot like life. It’s the order in which the ingredients are added, the correct blend of seasonings, and the sautéing and simmering times that matter. It might not be easy, but no one wants quick.

Add corn to make this Weight Watcher recipe have a Caribbean flair.

Add corn to make this Weight Watcher recipe have a Caribbean flair.

Click here for the recipe



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4 Responses to The Quick and the Dead

  1. Tookie Keener says:

    I did think about you when I saw that recipe! Glad you made it!


  2. Scott says:

    I agree–that’s soup. Nice-looking soup, but soup–not gumbo.


  3. And it tastes like soup, too. Thanks for reading.


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