A Christmas Tale: Forty-Five Minute Gumbo and Frozen Slippers

PICT SWEETSon #2 used frozen onions and peppers in his latest batch of forty-five minute gumbo. It turned out pretty good so the name Pict Sweet stuck in my memory. When scavenging behind a BBQ restaurant for a box to mail Christmas gifts, the Pict Sweet logo caught my attention. The box, which originally held frozen okra, was sturdy and the perfect size to ship one pair of slippers, four pair of socks and a luggage scale to Kansas.

I wrapped the gifts, packed them in the Pict Sweet box, printed the address label on the computer, adhered it and left my handiwork in the hands of the US Postal Service. It looked pretty professional to me.

The recipient, a retired librarian, noticed something on that box that I hadn’t. When rushing out her front door for a luncheon, she discovered the box on her door step — the words KEEP FROZEN stopped her in her tracks. She dashed back inside, unwrapped the box, separated the gifts and stashed one in the kitchen freezer and the other in the garage freezer.

We both had a great laugh later in the day when she called with second thoughts about freezing the Christmas gifts.

Here’s hoping every gift under your tree is labeled properly and just what you wanted — and that you never have to wear frozen slippers on Christmas morning.

Happy holidays, Gumbo Diary readers.


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