Chef or Cook? Cooking connotations

I’m trying a new recipe for supper tonight, but I think the chef has misnamed it. Justin Timineri, Florida’s Culinary Ambassador, calls it Florida Gulf Shrimp and Okra Gumbo, but his recipe doesn’t call for a roux. Surely he knows his gumbo. He’s a certified executive chef, author, teacher, television personality and winner of the Food Network Challenge Great American Seafood Cookoff. Plus, he represents Florida’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services around the globe. I think it’s safe to call him Florida’s head chef, but in the last line of the recipe he writes “. . . add the green onion to the soup . . .” See, he calls it soup, and I know why. Florida Gulf Shrimp and Okra Soup just doesn’t sound very exotic.

The recipe reminds me of a marvelous dish my dad used to cook. We called it okra soup. Chef or Cook He wasn’t a fancy chef. In fact, he called himself “the chief cook and bottle washer.” But even when he wrote his recipe down, he embellished on the name. He called it “Top Secret.”

Okra Soup (2)I’ll let you know if Justin’s “okra and shrimp soup” can rival my dad’s “okra soup.” In the meantime, here’s Chef Justin’s recipe if you’d like to try it.


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2 Responses to Chef or Cook? Cooking connotations

  1. Sandra Scott says:


    My dad called himself “chief cook and bottle washer,” too.  I guess we’re dating ourselves.  Good luck with the soup.

    Sandy Scott



  2. jozokan says:

    My favorite part of the recipe is, “In case of trouble call –, ask for Jones.” Love that! 🙂


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