Wine and Words

“It has recipes,” one of the guests said at an after-dinner gathering Thursday evening at a friend’s home. “It’s about our book club. One of the members wrote it,” she continued.

Always on the quest for the perfect gumbo, I picked up the slick coffee table book and flipped to the recipe index.  Rick’s Gumbo, both the recipe and photo, looked pretty good, but what captured my attention was the book itself.  Wine and Words, a beautiful hardback collection of photos and stories, follows a small group of middle-aged (and older) women who have been reading books as a group since 2004, shortly after Hurricane Ivan devastated their community and neighborhood.

This year, two members documented the book club, one handling the photography and the other the writing.  They photographed the women and events, wrote about the club’s monthly dinners, compiled members’ thoughts on the evenings and selected books, and cataloged the recipes, menus and wine choices. From Wine and Words, I learned that in nine years these women have shared deaths of spouses, two weddings, exotic and gourmet dinners served in each others’ homes, road trips, fine wine and hundreds of thousands of words. And now each has a gorgeous and professionally published book (via Blurb) that will mean more than any title they’ve ever read as a group.

Their book club, I suspect, is a lot like my blog.  We’re both about self-discovery, sharing and adventure under the pretense of words.

By the way, I forgot to look at what wine was served with Rick’s Gumbo. Any ideas?

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On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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3 Responses to Wine and Words

  1. The book sounds great, Diane! How fortunate this group of women is to have each other. As for what to drink with gumbo? My tastes are proletarian; I’d say a nice cold Landshark beer!


  2. I’m trying this one—the addition of the cooked rice to the process for ten minutes to soak up the goodness is something that I’ve never done before:


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