Gumbo winner dies when results posted

Ironic isn’t it? The restaurant voted 2012 Best of the Bay in the gumbo category closed the very day the results were published. No, the owner didn’t fear a swarm of gumbo aficionados storming the kitchen. Financial woes shuttered the place. According to the morning paper, the restaurant had suffered a series of setbacks including the economy, fire, bankruptcy, oil spill losses, and the owner’s divorce settlement. It’s a shame to see a local place like Jerry’s Cajun Café & Market go under, especially after nine years of feeding a loyal clientele. In an even crueler twist of irony, the paper reported that Jerry followed the Louisiana philosophy, “If the gumbo’s good, everything’s good.” So, his heart went into preparing the gumbo first, then migrated to all his other dishes. Though that idea might sound good, I know dozens of restaurants that serve lousy gumbo, yet dish up great seafood. People are pretty finicky when it comes to gumbo. What one man adores, another hates. Look around next time you’re eating in a seafood restaurant. How many folks do you see actually ordering or eating gumbo? The numbers are dwindling in this New Age Culinary World. But step into a gumbo shack and guess what everyone’s ordering. You got it – gumbo!


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4 Responses to Gumbo winner dies when results posted

  1. Sandy says:

    A shame about Jerry’s Gumbo Cafe & Market. Hope he can start up again someday and enjoy great success.



  2. Scott says:

    My Singletons group was set to eat there Friday–then we found out it was closing, so we didn’t eat anywhere. That’s a damned shame. Same as what happened to the Pensacola Wintzell’s (sales never recovered after the oil spill). The oil spill is tragic, of course–and you’d think this country would learn. But it doesn’t–BP is drilling in the Gulf again. It’s infuriating.


    • I thought about Wintzell’s, too — both specialized in seafood — and this is a coastal community, the best place to get seafood. Looks like we’ll have to go to Pensacola Beach for our gumbo. Sorry about the Singletons — I hope your group was called rather than reading it in the newspaper like me!


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