Bayou Cupcake Wars

I confess. I watch Cupcake Wars. It’s a silly Food Network show where cupcake bakers, some dressed in Lucille Ball outfits and polka dot aprons, compete to create the best tasting and decorated cupcakes for some big Hollywood gala. The first round for the four bakers is the weird and wacky ingredient challenge. Sometimes they add bleu cheese or anchovies or wieners or mustard to match the theme of the gala. But now I’m worried that the show is affecting my judgment. You see,  Son #2 has a birthday coming up. He usually asks for his favorite cake, a Watergate pistachio. But this year I’m thinking about getting really creative and making him cupcakes for his birthday – Gumbo Cupcakes. Here’s the plan: white rice flour cupcakes topped with white cream-cheese frosting, dotted with drops of Tabasco, chopped green onions, sprinkled with file’ and topped with a boiled shrimp. Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? What’s wrong with me? I mean, if you watch too much Food Network, does it begin to seem like good television and inspire you? Just for fun, I want the Bayou Gumbo Cupcakes to look like this ( imagine a giant boiled, headless unpeeled shrimp on top with sprinkles of file and red dots of Tabasco).

Top with a boiled shrimp (head off, of course), birthday candle, and sprinkle with file’ and Tabasco

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3 Responses to Bayou Cupcake Wars

  1. Scott says:

    Happy Birthday to “Son #2”!


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