Best Gumbo in Pensacola – cast your vote for –

People are starting to ask who I’m voting for. Not for president, but in the annual Pensacola News Journal  Best of the Bay competition.

For the past two years I’ve been blogging about my quest for the perfect gumbo. I’ve traveled to four states tasting gumbo and, here at home, I’ve sampled all the Best of the Bay previous winners. And I’ve reviewed almost all these competitors. Remember my review from November 2010 — ?  Every word still holds true. Peg Leg Pete’s serves the best gumbo around.

So if you like their gumbo or trust my taste-buds, click over to the Pensacola News Journal and write in Peg Leg Pete’s for the best gumbo 9It’s way down near the bottom under restaurants).  Vote here before June 4.

You can trust me on this — hey, I’m getting the hang of this politician lingo. I’m practicing my skills in case they start a Best Blogger category.  Thank you and I appreciate your vote, in advance!


About thegumbodiaries

On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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2 Responses to Best Gumbo in Pensacola – cast your vote for –

  1. Sandy says:

    I do trust you; politicians not so much (make that “not at all.”)
    Hope Peg Leg Pete wins.
    Sandy in Ft. Worth


  2. Scott says:

    My favorite is Jerry’s Cajun Cafe’s–though in fairness, I’ve never been to Peg Leg Pete’s.


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