Rue the day

An intriguing name for a kitchen accessory shop in the New Orleans French Quarter.

I should have stopped and gone in when I peered into the shop window in New Orleans’ French Quarter. The name on the sign caught my attention. It was alluring and a delightful play on words. The streets in the Quarter, for those of you who might have forgotten, are labeled using the French word rue instead of street or road. This quaint shop is located on Royal Street, or as the street sign reads, Rue Royale. And the use of “roux” is a good clue as to store’s inventory. Sure enough, when I peeked in the window, I saw kitchen goodies, cookbooks and cute aprons.  Instead of g0ing immediately inside to shop, I sighed and stuck to my itinerary — off to the U.S. Mint, down the street.  The next day when we drove by the shop, I thought about leaping from the car and rushing in. But they weren’t open at eight-thirty in the morning. So, I RUE the day I didn’t go into Roux Royale. If you’re in the Quarter this summer, could you see if they have any gumbo cookbooks?

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3 Responses to Rue the day

  1. Scott says:

    I’d like to know how New Orleans is doing, post Katrina. I last visited it in 1991.


    • We drove around the Ninth Ward and looked at the new green homes which look out of place in New Orleans. New Orleans East is till desolate. French Quarter is nicer than ever, of course, it had no damage. City Park lost lots of its famous oak trees. Lots of rebuilding in Garden District, which got plenty of damage and little press. Worth a trip!


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