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Don’t Let the Yard Art Scare You — It’s Louisiana

In the early seventies, front lawns in the New Orleans suburbs fascinated me with their ornate displays of yard. In a predominantly Catholic community, it’s no surprise that much of the statuary was religious. One motif of idolatry appeared at … Continue reading

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Politically Correct Gumbo

Campaign workers for a nonpartisan politician (whatever that is) were working (not cooking) at a recent Gumbo Cookoff. I know this sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, but this is small town politics. Their efforts reminded me of … Continue reading

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Gumbo Beach Experience

The poet Judyth Hill says if you’re late, it’s doesn’t matter, because it’s your experience and it starts when you get there. (I think she’s paraphrasing another writer, but I missed that part of my workshop experience with her). So, … Continue reading

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