Researching the Gumbo Trail

In early August I went on the World’s Longest Yard Sale – well, about half of it. The entire length of the adventure is 675 miles along US Highway 127 from Michigan to Alabama, weaving through six states. Husband and I started about midway in Frankfurt, Kentucky, and headed south, all the way to Gadsden.  The justification of my epic journey was “research for my novel.” To keep faithful to my blog along the way, I looked for “gumbo” items. I was researching the problem:  Is gumbo strictly a regional dish? If so, how regional? I expected to find gumbo pots and bowls, old cookbooks, maybe some art.  No luck. But  never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see J. Gumbo’s – a restaurant — in Lexington, Kentucky. It was early morning, pouring down rain, and the restaurant wouldn’t open for hours.  I snapped a picture to remind me to do further research. (I took the picture in such a state of shock that it’s out of focus and I’m not posting it). I went to their website this morning and nearly cried. I was so close to eating there. The  description and picture of their gumbo is breaking my heart – it looks so delicious! But wait, their website says they’re a franchise outfit with locations in four states. Georgia, here I come!  I’ve got some more research to do.


About thegumbodiaries

On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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One Response to Researching the Gumbo Trail

  1. Scott says:

    You’re passionate–I love it! Perhaps “research for my novel” is not so far off–have you considered writing a nonfiction book about gumbo, and the experiences you have searching for the “perfect” gumbo?


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