Distinctive art flavors The Gumbo Gallery

I like the philosophy of the artist-owner of the Gumbo Gallery in Pensacola’s historic Belmont-Devilliers neighborhood. She describes America as a great mixing of cultures, each keeping its own distinctive flavor, like a gumbo. In her gallery, she has lots of flavors, each distinctive, yet blending well with the other work exhibited on the golden roux-colored walls.  The gallery collection is varied — from a large John Wayne portrait to Native American jewelry – but is predominantly African American.  My favorite pieces were by Shedrick of Montgomery, Alabama. The impressionistic brushwork in her paintings is delicate yet powerful. Her small canvases and her hanging plates, covered both front and back in colorful flourishes of strokes, complement the size and flavor of the Gumbo Gallery.  Hanging with Shedrick’s work is at least one piece by her twenty-year-old son. It conveys a style very similar to Shedrick’s; in fact, you have to look closely at the brushwork to see the difference in artists. The work of gallery owner Sonia Griffin Evans, hanging along the back wall,  is as passionate and interesting as she is. The gallery a small gallery, more like a cup of gumbo than a bowl of gumbo, but it’s well worth a visit. And if you go around lunchtime you can treat yourself to gumbo du jour at the Five Sisters Blues Cafe, right next door.



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2 Responses to Distinctive art flavors The Gumbo Gallery

  1. Scott says:

    I like her philosophy too–I only wish everyone embraced it, not just here, but all over the country.


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