Just box up the kitchen

Cooks joke about putting “everything in the kitchen” in their gumbo That’s a bad joke. Yesterday I ordered shrimp and crawfish gumbo from a street vendor at the Spring Festival on the Green at University of West Florida.  Before I ordered I spoke to the cook (who stuck his head outside the serving window of the trailer). He assured me he makes the gumbo from scratch – well, from a packaged roux, he corrected himself. “Then I sauté all the vegetables and add the shrimp and crawfish.” It sounded reasonable enough for me to dish out $6 and give it a try. He didn’t tell me the “everything in the kitchen” joke, he just produced it. Yellow peppers, okra, onion, tomato. I can handle those, but lima beans, frozen corn, carrots and canned English peas? Why not throw in the kitchen sink?  What he created was seafood vegetable soup, not gumbo. As my Mawmaw used to say, “first you make a roux.” She never said first you open the package of instant roux. As far as seafood vegetable soup goes, his concoction would have been tasty on a cold winter day. But it was Spring,  April Fool’s Day, to be precise! But I’m not joking about the contents of that gumbo.

The festival gumbo was served with an end of French bread in a clever box. What was inside the gumbo wasn't so clever.


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1 Response to Just box up the kitchen

  1. Scott says:

    That looks quite revolting! I agree, the “everything in the kitchen” might work for soup (in fact, I suspect that’s how soup was “invented”–poor peasants having to use every scrap of food remaining, by boiling it in water), but it definitely doesn’t work for gumbo!


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