Did you hear the one about the gumbo cook?

The reggae-clad cook at the deli said to the customer, “Try those voodoo-gumbo chips. They’re good.” I know it sounds like the opening line for a joke, but it actually happened yesterday. When I heard the word gumbo, my senses heightened and I left the order counter to check out the Zapp’s Chips. There I saw Tabasco, cajun, crayfish and gator-inspired chips, but no gumbo flavor. The cook acted a little stoned so I didn’t ask him, but I checked the Zapps’ website as soon as I got home. Their crispy kettle chips are Louisiana inspired but voodoo gumbo isn’t a regular flavor — it’s a limited special edition flavor (so I guess the cook wasn’t stoned after all). Another Zapps website which features a pretty cool potato chip song, describes the accidental invention of voodoo gumbo chips. When an employee dropped a pallet of spices, someone tasted the spilled mixture of flavors and pronounced it great. So Zapps recreated it, featuring an “everything in the kitchen” flavor. So, I conjugate – what spices would go in a gumbo-inspired chip?  Perhaps garlic, onion, celery salts with a hint of Cajun seasoning? I doubt if the sweet taste of dark brown roux can be sprinkled. I’m not really a big fan of potato chips anyway — I prefer my calories to be sweet. I’ve watched contestants on Cupcake Wars cook with some strange ingredients – from bacon to beef jerky – to create so-called tasty cupcakes, so a nice sweet and salty gumbo cupcake might be possible.  Now we’re talking!


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On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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One Response to Did you hear the one about the gumbo cook?

  1. Scott says:

    Sorry you just missed the Voodoo Gumbo flavor–I saw those often in the stores, up until Mardi Gras, and haven’t seen them since Ash Wednesday. So apparently that’s just a seasonal item–but keep in mind you’ll get to try them again in less than a year!

    I’m quite familiar with Zapp’s. Though I can’t eat potato chips often anymore, for health reasons, I use to eat those like mad in the 1980’s. Back then, it was alot simpler. They had a few flavors, though not nearly as many as today. But the only one I enjoyed, and ate constantly, along with lots of Coke to get them down, was the original–Zapp’s Cajun Craw Tators! These are the best–try these if you don’t try any other flavor (they’re still around, as far as I know). But drink plenty of Coke, or anything else on ice, because they are hot, hot, hot!


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