Gumbo and Antiques

A good thing about living in a coastal community is that a gumbo gourmand can order gumbo at the most unusual places. Who would imagine antique browsing on a Sunday in sleepy Milton, Florida, at the Old Post Office Antique Shop & Cafe and finding homemade gumbo on the daily specials board? I read the daily special as a divine message for me to order a cup of chicken-sausage gumbo. I couldn’t turn down homemade gumbo even if it lacks shrimp. The gumbo was delicious chicken and sausage with a dark brown roux, small bits of tomato, onions and peppers, gumbo and a stout kick from the andouille sausage. Two of the folks with me ordered the crab cakes, and if I hadn’t been so hypnotized by the daily specials board, I might have noticed the Third Place Award in the Maker’s Mark Crab Cake Competition displayed on a nearby wine barrel. The gumbo, I learned, is made by the Main Street Cafe across the street from the Old Post Office. The gumbo was delightful, but I’m ordering crab cakes the next time because my fellow diners shared a bit of their order. I’m confident the Old Post Office will take first prize in the next competition because there’s no way there are any better crab cakes out there. Lessons learned: Gumbo goes with anything including antiques, look around before ordering, and sometimes you just have to forget the diet and go for the crab cakes.


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On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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2 Responses to Gumbo and Antiques

  1. Scott says:

    I heartily agree!


    • Tookie Keener says:

      The crab cakes were absolutely divine! Only problem ….they were tooooooooo small! Not bad for anyone’s diet! 🙂


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