Team Gumbo – a profile in courage

Corporate sponsors, line up. If you’re looking for a prize-winning gumbo cook for the March 26 Gumbo Cook Off in Gulf Breeze, here’s your man. Son Number Two has inherited the gumbo gene from his grandfather, and he’s cooking. From a little flour and a little grease, Son Number Two cooked a marvelous dark roux on Tuesday night. He used his grandfather’s recipe (See Colonel’s gumbo on this blog) to cook this perfect roux to create an exceptional gumbo. Any Southern cook knows a good roux is the secret – and the secret to making roux is finding the courage to cook the flour to just the right darkness. Gumbo cooks describe roux by color. Some say cook it till it looks like dark brown sugar. Others tell you to cook it until it looks like coffee grounds. Either way, it’s a simmering risk. Too light, and the roux is tasteless; too dark, and it’s burnt. But, what it boils down to (no pun intended) is having the courage to keep on cooking and stirring. Finding that kind of courage is tough — it’s easy to back off a little, not go the extra few minutes, not take the chance. It really hurts to throw away a roux you cooked too long. But it’s roux courage that makes a powerful gumbo. That’s why Son Number Two needs an agent to market his gumbo cooking prowess and a team to lead. His roux courage will take your team where no team has gone before. Start printing your t-shirts today. Open up your doors, Gumbo Hall of Fame. Here comes Team Gumbo Rambo.


About thegumbodiaries

On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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3 Responses to Team Gumbo – a profile in courage

  1. Son #2 says:

    Thanks Mom. Glad everyone enjoyed it. Come get the pot and the rest is ya’lls.


  2. Scott says:

    Go, Son Number Two!

    This is the first time I’ve heard of the Gumbo Cookoff in Gulf Breeze–if I’m able to attend, I look forward to trying his gumbo first!


  3. Tookie Keener says:

    Now that sounds like a plan! If we win the lotto tonight, we’ll be there!!!


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