Fly, fly away

I wish Caribbean Soup was still around. It was a funky little soup and sandwich place on Gregory Street that was operated by a regional restaurant chain. It must have been a trial balloon – or maybe the word in restaurateur lingo is food pilot. Caribbean Soup offered several regular soups, plus daily specials. My favorite was their spicy Cuban Picadillo soup. Sadly for me, I liked the Picadillo so much that I ordered it every time I went in. I never even tried the gumbo. Of course, they rarely featured gumbo, but I should have made an effort to cross the three-mile bridge just for their gumbo. If I had, maybe they would still be in business, and I wouldn’t be left wondering if the gumbo was better than the soup. In your wildest dreams you’d never think a soup joint – Caribbean or not – could make it in a beach community. It didn’t. Maybe they should have flown the Caribbean Soup trial balloon over Green Bay instead of Pensacola Bay.


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1 Response to Fly, fly away

  1. Scott says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever heard of that place (maybe they didn’t advertise enough).

    In fact, this is the first time I’ve heard of a restaurant that specialized in soup! I think you’re right, soup must be more popular in the North (I’m thinking of that canned bean soup (don’t know the name offhand), that’s labeled as the official soup of the U.S. Congress).

    I guess salad is served much more often than soup, here in the hot South (especially the Deep South), because salad is cold!


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