For years we’ve joked about opening a Gumbo Shack, and what better place than Gulf Breeze or Pensacola Beach? When the snow cone stand and crawfish barn opened, we were encouraged. We even did a slow drive-by to check out a carnival food trailer for sale. The thought’s always in the back of our minds. Imagine pulling off the highway for a quick cup of gumbo-to-go.

I think someone has swiped our idea! Early this morning, on the way to a hospital warehouse sale, I spotted a “gumbo shack” located at the intersection of Johnson and Ely Road near old Ellison Air Field in what is now a busy industrial area.

The yellow & red sign reads gumbo

Of course it’s not a genuine gumbo shack – the menu’s much too elaborate with mullet and shrimp on Fridays. He wasn’t serving breakfast, but I did pause to snap a photo and ponder a bit. I wonder if he’s offering franchises. But would I really want a gumbo shack? After watching way too many episodes of Gordon Ramsey restaurant shows, I doubt it. What I actually want is a good steaming cup of gumbo on demand. Definitely not a premise for a business plan. But, then I could spice up the menu with jambalaya, dirty rice and etouffee’ which the competition doesn’t to offer.


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On the search for the perfect gumbo!
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2 Responses to Gumbo-to-Go

  1. Scott says:

    Ohh–I couldn’t handle operating a business of any kind, it’s too demanding! However, if I could–and I had as much interest in gumbo as you–I would “beat” the “competition” by specializing in gumbo only! And I’d serve as many types/recipes of gumbo as possible–including only crackers and beverages on the side! Further, my business would have an advantage: Since gumbo’s warm/hot, it would mainly attract customers in the off season–particularly “snowbirds”! Just an idea–if you can dream it you can do it! Good luck–and let me be one of your first customers!


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