Silver-throated sliders (Chet’s Seafood)

Reviewers usually recommend mullet backbones and marinated grouper at Chet’s Seafood, but seafood gumbo is a permanent item on the menu, too, and needs notice.

Chet’s gumbo, made with a dark brown roux with wee little shrimp, some crab and a good amount of okra, tastes the same at both the Pensacola and Pace locations. For me, though, there’s too much hot sauce in it. After the first bite, my taste buds were in such shock they couldn’t even register the ensuing spoonfuls.  Taste buds are vital for reviewing gumbo.

Some cooks think Emeril’s advice to “kick it up a notch” means adding more Tabasco. And many a gumbo cook adds more hot sauce on the second day thinking it’ll make the gumbo taste fresher. That’s not the case with gumbo – it has the quality to kick itself up a notch just by sitting in the fridge. Rewarm it, and it gets better every day for nearly a week.

If you want the best warm, comfort food on Chet’s menu – go for the cheese grits. One taste and your eyes will water from their wonderful, buttery richness. Those cheesy grits just glide down your throat. Like Mr. Food used to say on black and white TV, “Ooh, it’s so good!”


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One Response to Silver-throated sliders (Chet’s Seafood)

  1. Scott says:

    Upon reading the title, I thought you were referring to okra! Okra’s slippery as can be–that’s why I’ve never cared for it! I don’t know why it’s used in gumbo at all–I certainly wouldn’t miss it! Wintzell’s gumbo is very hot too, but not too hot for me–theirs is the best gumbo I’ve ever had. And Wintzell’s doesn’t use much okra, so that’s a plus! I haven’t eaten at Chet’s, though I’ve heard of it. I’ll have to go, and try those cheese grits!


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