Blessed be the Trinity (Frank and Lola’s – Margaritaville)

The mantra of gumbo cooks is The Holy Trinity — onion, celery, bell pepper. Amen.   Great gumbo begins with the Trnity, then is flavored with inspiration of availability.  The chef at Frank and Lola’s Restaurant inside Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville Hotel on Pensacola Beach has added another great trinity to create a tasty gumbo.  Served in a sugar bowl type dish with a cover, the gumbo includes chicken, sausage and shrimp – a blessed trio to complement the first. You might be expecting seafood gumbo since you’re dining overlooking the gorgeous beach, but the menu describes the gumbo as New Orleans style. It isn’t the dark brown roux type, which is my favorite, but blends the two Trinitys wirh some tomato chunks to produce a satisfying flavor. It’s served with oyster crackers, but pocket that packet for the next time you have clam chowder. My cup had plenty of shrimp but Husband only had one shrimp in his serving. Goddaughter, who isn’t too fond of seafood, was happy with a single shrimp in her serving because it didn’t taste too fishy. The sad part is the menu doesn’t include an entreé-sized gumbo, just an appetizer-sized cup. The happy part is I enjoyed a nice lunch on a beautiful beach with father, son and goddaughter. Amen.

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