Dippity Roux Da (Wintzell’s Oyster House) – Closed in Pensacola

It’s going to require more than a cupful to find the best gumbo. With two restaurants advertising their gumbo as world famous, one advertising its gumbo as Gulf Coast Voted #1 and a third billing its gumbo as Best of the Bay, some serious tasting awaits me.  I have determined that “one taste trip” isn’t fair so I have vowed to make three trips to my favorite gumbo spots before naming the top gumbo. Yesterday, I returned to Wintzell’s Oyster House for my third sampling. My first two visits earned the oyster house “contender status.” Their gumbo is dark, nutty-flavored with a little kick, filled with seafood, and despite the restaurant’s name, no oysters. I felt confident the lunch gumbo special for $4 would cinch their fame. Husband was hungry, so he ordered a bowl of gumbo, and that’s where the trouble began. No matter how much seafood is in gumbo, it sinks to the bottom of the pot. Gumbo has lots of stirring involved, beginning with the making of the roux. I’ve stirred as long as 40 minutes consistently making roux. Then a good cook stirs occasionally as the gumbo simmers. The last trick is to stir it gently just before the ladle dips in to capture the serving portion. That was the problem at Wintzell’s. My lunch special was a cup of gumbo and it was just scooped off the top. Consequently, only three lightweight crawfish bits that had managed to float to the top of the pot ended up in my cup. Husband’s bowl was dipped from deep in the pot and chocked full of seafood and flavor. Though I tasted his serving, it doesn’t count because he ate the gumbo, not me. In the future I’ll stir my special before tasting, and if there’s no seafood, I’m sending it back. Better yet, maybe I should just order a bowl.


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