Perfect rice at 3 a.m.

Wolfgang Puck is selling rice cookers on QVC. He and his rice cookers were the most interesting thing on at three a.m. the other morning when the operative extremity (arm) refused to find a comfortable sleeping position. I’d never heard of a rice cooker until I received one from my daughter-in-law’s parents a few years ago. Rice and I had been on the outs for years. I had learned to cook rice from my father shortly after I married. His rice always came out perfectly and with his tutelage, so did mine. I could, however, only get rice to make perfectly in one particular pot, a one and half quart copper-bottom Paul Revere that my grandmother had given me as a wedding gift.  The perfect pot and perfect lessons produced perfect rice until our family outgrew the pot. I stopped making real rice because no matter how hard I tried in a larger pot, the rice would be gummy, sticky or crunchy. After I was forced to soak several pots in dishwasher concentrate to remove the burned grains, I gave up and resorted to instant rice. And, I only made rice when absolutely essential, as to serve with red beans or gumbo.  My family detested instant rice. Somehow my daughter-in-law and her family realized my dilemma and presented me with a rice cooker.  I’ll never know how they knew exactly what I needed, but we’ve had perfect rice ever since. The only problem is that no one around here can make perfect rice in the rice cooker but me.


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