No oil in the gumbo, please (Old Bay Seafood) – Closed

Today the gumbo diaries ran amuck in the oil spill. A few weeks ago, before the Deep Water Horizon was capped, we headed for Fairhope, Alabama, with our friends from Texas for antique shopping and gumbo. We’d heard about Guy’s Gumbo on Diners, Drive Inns and Dives on the Food Network, and were eager to try it. We changed our minds when we asked an antique dealer for directions. He countered with the pivotal question – did we want tomato-based or brown roux. For good brown gumbo, he recommended Old Bay Seafood Restaurant, within walking distance. “Look for the flags and giant shrimp statue out front,” he said. The lunch crowd was sparse, and the few customers seemed to be locals. My gumbo sample wasn’t too tasty, so instead I ordered fried fish. It was the best fried fish I’ve ever eaten – nice and crunchy, cooked to perfection, and not greasy or oily. But too much oil ruined Old Bay in the long run. The family-owned eatery announced today that it will fry its last fish and serve its last gumbo Sunday night. After eighteen years in business, Old Bay met its fate with the Deep Water Horizon, like so many other establishments dependent on tourism dollars. They tried to save the place.  I remember reading a sign before the waitress seated us that day — “Due to the oil spill, we can no longer accept coupons.”


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